Wrap Your Head

leletny aria - madeofjewelry

Aria Crystal


….with Lelet NY. Nothing more feminine to wear a headpiece.
And with the holidays coming, give it a try I haven’t tried one on so far. And I want to!
Do head accessories suit everyone? I have no idea…seriously, I’m sorry for not being able to answer that question.
Which makes us have one more reason to try one out, ASAP!
Those by Lelet are stunning and feminine. Let’s adorn our heads, ladies!

lelet ny galactic  - madeofjewelry

The designer herself wearing Triple Galactic Crystal headwrap


lelet ny star power - madeofjewelry
Star Power chain headwrap


This is not a headwrap but it’s oh-so-pretty, so must show you:

lelet ny Twilight - madeofjewelry
Twilight Crystal Bobby


[All images via Lelet NY, Instagram and Shopbop | Collages made by MoJ]