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Bridal Headpiece

As many other women amongst you, I am fascinated by everything bridal. The wedding, the dress and to marry the person you love the most. The person you want to grow with, build a life with and to love all the days of your life. Think crystal chandeliers, soft white fabric and a clean white palette. Cliché? […]

Wrap Your Head

Aria Crystal   ….with Lelet NY. Nothing more feminine to wear a headpiece. And with the holidays coming, give it a try I haven’t tried one on so far. And I want to! Do head accessories suit everyone? I have no idea…seriously, I’m sorry for not being able to answer that question. Which makes us […]

Frankly, My Dear

  Wearing headpieces is not a common thing. At least, I haven’t seen anyone wearing headpieces in real life. Only seen these in magazine or on the internet. It’s not like wearing earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces every day. Headpieces is not something you see often. And that’s why Frankly My Dear took my attention, […]