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Wearing headpieces is not a common thing. At least, I haven’t seen anyone wearing headpieces in real life. Only seen these in magazine or on the internet.
It’s not like wearing earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces every day. Headpieces is not something you see often. And that’s why Frankly My Dear took my attention, for the headpieces! And know that every single piece is handmade by the designer, Samantha Martin, herself.
Delicate but  bold headpieces which are so gorgeous you want to try one on immediately.
And, it gives you that glamorous touch. As if you are wearing a crown. At least, that’s what I think how it must feels like when wearing a headpiece.
Frankly…I think this brand will become huge. And that’s what I truly hope for samantha because what she creates is really worth it!

frankly my dear headpieces - madeofjewelry

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Some items are also available via Dissh.

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 ‘Bella’ headpiece | ‘Amber’ headpiece


[All images via Frankly My Dear’s Facebook & Instagram and | Collages made by MoJ]