Crystal Claws

HouseOfEmmanuelle - madeofjewelry


The girl inside me has fallen for House of Emmanuele‘s jewelry. The floral style, Swarovski crystals…the shapes, the bling…everything.
When looking at all those pieces by designer Emmanuele Tsakiris you just can’t stop. All those pieces are just beauties which you can’t stop looking at.
You must take a look at the necklaces. Just loo at everything and you’ll see. Your eyes will shine! It is real eye-candy.
Then there are those handpieces. To die for. Can you imagine wearing one by House of Emmanuele? These are perfect for a girls night out.

HouseOfEmmanuelle Gaga Claws - madeofjewelry
Noir Gaga Claw & Astral Gaga Claw
HouseOfEmmanuelle alegra florence - madeofjewelry
Florence & Alegra


[All images via House of Emmanuele and Instagram | Collages made by MoJ]