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Bolder Window

  The australian bolder opal is what it is all about. This is the Bolder Window ring by Ele Misko. Its style can be described as contemporary with a geometic shape around the opal stone. The ring is available in opal as we know it and dark blue. The ring comes in silver or dark silver. […]


  Who’s Kimberley? This is Kimberley! A gorgeous ring with a unique design by Karoline Bolt. Karoline has just launched her website and I am happy I sat here behind my computer screen. Somehow I ended up on her website and I got lovestruck with her jewelry. My oh my, splendid pieces! We all should […]


  Equinox. The word says it all by itself, the sun’s disk above the horizon. That’s exactly what you see in the Equinox necklace by Raw Jewellery. A beautiful opal stone hanging there right above in a hexagon-shaped horizon. I loved it straight away. Imagining it around my neck. Although, I hesitated about which piece […]


  Just as my friend Louise agreed with me on this necklace, it definitely looks beautiful. Great minds think alike… The Sunrise necklace by Brooke Gregson is a lovely piece with a triangular opal stone and diamond pavé details. Sunrise, the daily first appearance of the sun above the eastern horizon. I would without a […]

WWake Favorites

  I am going to show you some of my favorite pieces by WWAKE. At first, I wanted to feature the High stack, Rough Peak stack and First stack rings. Great stacking combo. But what about my fascination for the Open Opal and Diamond ring and other pieces? So let’s take a peek at all […]