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  Gotta love to layer with Jessica Winzelberg‘s necklaces. Jessica’s work is defined by her unusual combinations: large rough cabochon stones are mixed with petite brilliant faceted colored gemstones and blended with Jessica’s trademark pattern motif metalsmithing. And I am totally hooked by those motif metalsmithing pieces. And so, I am hooked by Jessica’s Hex necklace.


  Equinox. The word says it all by itself, the sun’s disk above the horizon. That’s exactly what you see in the Equinox necklace by Raw Jewellery. A beautiful opal stone hanging there right above in a hexagon-shaped horizon. I loved it straight away. Imagining it around my neck. Although, I hesitated about which piece […]

Amy Agamemnon

  Say peace and embrace hexagons…hexagons are cool! I tell ya. Loving the hexagon-inspured creations by Amy Agamemnon. Milady Amy Agamemnon is a jewelry designer you need to remember. She started in 2013 and we are already looking forward to see more produts and collections by her.