The Spring/Summer 15 collection by BEL & SKAR looks awesome. The golden pieces with raw designs are a killer combination. Stunning.
Raw and organic. A bit wild and a bit fairly. That’s how I’d describe the collection.
The pieces are breathtaking with a touch of elegance. I’m sure you love them too. It’s without a doubt a musthave to own at least one piece of the Verté collection. More is better!
Designer Bella Milbank has definiteley nailed it with this collection. What are your thoughts?


Dehan Pearl bracelet | Starburst necklace | Starburst ring | Cow Skull cuff
Four Thorn ring | Anam ID bracelet | Double Anam cascade earrings | Starburst cuff


[All images via BEL & SKAR | Collage by MoJ]