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New York designer Jules Kim, designer of  Bijules, creates bold and fancy jewels. She has an unique style and I adore it! Today I am presenting you her Future Knuckle ring with double gemstone and the smaller version aka Future baby Knuckle ring. These rings are claw-shaped with a single gemstone, while the Future Knuckle ring has two of them. Both rings are […]

Bear Claw

  Huckleberry ltd. stands for dope jewelry pieces. Not only their pendant says so but they each actually really are. I can tell you that. It’s not the typical/classic kind of jewelry pieces but though they are nice! Huckleberry ltd. is not just a brand , it’s a lifestyle! I am absolutely digging the Bear […]

Clutch the Pearl

  Skyler Man jewelry, by Alina Skyler, is pretty much badass. And don’t we just like a bit of badass? Uhuh, indeed we do! Today’s jewelry piece in the picture is the Cluth the Pearl ring. Okay, yes maybe you are right. Claws in jewelry are indeed trending but whatever. This ring is just too […]