Susie Saltzman offers a bespoke alternative to the traditional engagement ring by infusing a fresh sophistication into timeless bridal rings. She is known for adding a subtle intricate newness to very customary, predictable engagement ring styles and offers a modern perspective for those who are looking for something special.
As explained briefly in a previous post, Susie creates custom-made pieces…one-of-a-kind jewelry.
And then there is her Signature Halo Engagement Ring, which I adore and simply had to feature it.  Susie’s intention behind this specific design, which mimics her namesake logo, was to update what has since become a very sought after, yet expected, engagement ring style. There is something special and unique that sets her design apart from a standard halo engagement ring, and that is the driving force behind Susie’s designs. She wants to offer something exceptional to those brides who have a timeless aesthetic, yet still, want to stand out and feel unique.

Susie also is one of the few designers that can bridge the gap between vintage and modern. She appeals to a wide audience because of her bespoke capabilities and extensive knowledge of fine jewelry fabrication, not to mention her world-class connections and impeccable attention to detail. She manages the fabrication of every single ring herself, through long-standing relationships with a tight-knit network of master jewelers in New York City.

Susie also has a very notable, consistent focus on the north, south, east and west points of her engagement rings. This emphasis is drawn from inspiration around a compass. She appreciates this directional focus and looks to it as a sort of tribute to love, to finding oneself and to the journey of a relationship. We are told to “follow our heart” and to “let love lead the way,” and Susie’s subtle nod to this sentiment is carried throughout her designs and her attention to detail. Her goal is to have a very strong emotional tie that is gifted with each piece of jewelry. She wants the giver to give with great love and emotion, and she wants the receiver to be given a memory, a moment in time, that becomes everlasting and lives on to become a story, an heirloom, an everlasting piece of love.

[All info and images thanks to Susie Saltzman | Photography by Sara Wight]