Chelsea Swank

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As you might perhaps know, I adore to discover jewelry designers. Made of Jewelry is about discovering and sharing.
And so I want to share with you some ring designs from the amazing designer Chelsea Swank of Swank Metalsmithing.
I’ve found Chelsea’s creations via Etsy. I was so thrilled and fascinated by what I saw.
Chelsea shared her three of here favorite rings. All so good and each of them make you to want them.

Chelsea’s dad Gary, with who she works with, has owned his own jewelry store since 1973. After high school Chelsea bounced around from waitressing to bartending jobs, worked at some makeup counters, went to college for Criminal Justice of all things. Around 25 years old she found herself unemployed and started hanging around her dad’s shop. Chelsea tells “I have always been artistic, before I was a jeweler I painted, mostly in acrylic but also with spray paint and some pastels. Hanging around the shop led to me making a few pieces of jewelry. I really enjoyed it and the challenge of making something so tiny, that is meant to be worn and making it out of some of the most highly prized materials available to man.”. She decided to go full time at the shop and apprentice her father learning the trade of jewelry making. She focused first on metalwork and later was miraculously able to learn CAD. “I still don’t know how I pulled that off.” says Chelsea. Proof if you love what you do, you can do it all!
Over the last 6 years there has been a slow but steady progression in her jewelry. “I really love what I do and love that I can create and share my art with people who use it as symbols of important milestones in their lives or personal talismans. I am excited for the future of my jewelry and thankful to all the people that have and will support my creative journey.” tells Chelsea.

Below are some of her favorite pieces:

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Gothic White Gold and Black Diamond Crown ring set with Nesting Wedding band

I like this set because although it is fairly dainty is it striking. The strong lines and dramatic colors evoke a dark, Gothic, mysterious style. I chose the black and champagne diamonds because they stray from the traditional white diamonds white still having the brilliance and strength of a diamond. I imagine the woman that would wear this ring set would be quite intriguing.
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Petal Double Halo

This ring is one of my favorites because of it’s symmetry.
It is a fractal but also resembles a flower with makes the connection, for me anyways, with the perfection in nature. I love yellow gold, I think it is warm and inviting and of course it is most similar to the color of pure gold. When white diamonds are set in yellow gold I think they stand out and you can really admire their many facets. Because there are so many diamonds set on so many planes this ring sparkles and shines from every angle. Like a gazing ball you can get lost in this ring.


 photo swank-metalsmithing-Waxing-Waning-Moons-madeofjewelry_zps1vguw4p3.jpg

Waxing Waning Moons ring set

I am utterly fascinated by the moon and I feel like the colors of this ring are unusual and inviting. The center garnet has an antique feel because of its cut, it is flat on the back and domed with facets across the top, that is known as rose cut. When the light hits the facets just right there is a bright, striking flash of red. The warmth of the rose gold plays off of the red flashes from the garnet and the champagne diamonds with all their sparkle bring it together giving you a beautiful palette of pinks, reds and golden browns.
I design my jewelry in CAD, because I do my designs digitally I was able to use a photo of the moon itself to create the crescent moons on the garnet ring so the craters are in fact accurate.


[All images and info thanks to Chelsea Swank]