Nouvel Heritage

 photo Nouvel-Heritage-spinel-set-of-rings-madeofjewelry_zpsy1tgzn70.jpg

Magnificent! Absolutely magnificent.
I guess It’s clear I adore the piece I’m featuring today. Instant love!
I have recently become a fan of Nouvel Heritage. Designer Camille created her line earlier this year. It’s always so nice to discover new jewelry designers and their creations. Camille built Nouvel Heritage’s collection inspired by historical jewelry eras from the ancient celtic tradition up to the roaring twenties. Each piece is one-of-a-kind or created on demand, engraved with your name. Her mission is to recreate the intimate relationship between a bespoke jewelry piece and its wearer. Sounds fabulous right?
Couldn’t resist the Spinel Set of Three Stackable rings. This is the ‘Oh-em-gee!’ kind of ring set.

 photo Nouvel -Heritage-spinel set-madeofjewelry_zpsvf6j9ttj.jpg
This ring set not only looks amazing from every angle but it is also so good you can wear this stack any way you like. Wearing one of these rings only or combine them any way you want to fit any occasion or mood you’re in. But admit, it looks beyond incredible altogether?
The Spinel ring set is made exists of a ring set with a blue sapphire (my birthstone!), a ring with blue paraïba and the biggest of them all, a 3 carat red spinel with tiny white diamonds.
I just have gone to ring heaven! This is 100% true #ringporn for me.
 photo Nouvel -Heritage-spinel-set--madeofjewelry_zps71rceoun.jpg

 photo nouvel-heritage-red-spinel-madeofjewelry_zpsq8sitzz4.jpg

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[All images via Nouvel Heritage]