Never Enough Snakes

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If you’re an Instagram follower, you might have noticed my love for snake jewelry, rings in particular.
There is no real reason to it actually. My love started a long time ago.
I’ve always been attracted to snake details (handbags locks etc) and jewels. My grandmother once told me not to try on that ring I was holding and I asked why…
She told be snakes bring bad luck to the wearer. Never questioned what she said so I never ever wore snake jewelry. Ever since she told me that I never wore or held a snake piece. I believed what she said. In the mean time I have heard the story why she told me that a few times…even earlier this year.
My grandmother once went to a cardreader or something and the woman told her to get rid of her handbag ASAP. So of course my grandmother asked why and the woman told her snakes would bring her bad luck in her life. When my grandmother came she immediately throw her bag away and never wore anything snake related. And so neither did I
But my interest has always been there. I guess when someone forbids you something, the interest only gets bigger over time..
Anyway, the interest grew. Even more when I came across a gorgeous intertwined Snake ring online. Because of the interest I googled about these antique interwined rings and their meanings. I became lovestruck! Yes! Because what else can be more romantic than the meaning and symbolism of an intertwined snake ring? The emblem of eternal love! Beautiful.
And then there is the Ourboros. I remember I had to do a study case about this symbolism back at school.  The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life. Ain’t this nice?

In the meantime I’ve finally dared to go for a snake ring and I am now, thanks to Amanda Hunt, the lucky owner of my first snake ring: the Kissing Snakes ring as pictured above.

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