Bulls & Roses

smith grey bulls roses - madeofjewelry
Bulls & Roses Knuckleduster  |  Ring with Tiny Roses35 Tiny Roses ring and Stella’s Rose ring


The designer duo Birgit Marie Schmidt and Sofus Graae from SMITH/GREY have this awesome collection called Bulls & Roses which is really amazing.
The name of the collections says it all. You will find jewerly with roses and/or bulls as ornaments.
The collection references Hinduism’s embellishment of cows. Romantic and wild. That’s what the collection is.
And I like it!


SmithGrey BulsAndRoses rings - madeofjewelry

Ring with Tiny Roses, Find Me In The Roses Garden ring and 35 Tiny Roses ring


dancing bulls necklace SmitGrey - madeofjewelry
Dancing Bulls necklace


SmithGrey Marinas Roses - madejewelry

Marina’s Roses earrings
The first SMITH/GREY piece I fell in love with. It looks so good. So pretty. So Romantic.


fightersandlovers SmithGrey - madeofjewelry

Fighters & Lovers ring
Great double ring which combines tusk and roses.


[All images via SMITH/GREY | Collages made by MoJ]