Moons, Stars and Hearts

Alexa Leigh bracelets - madeofjewelry

Moon bracelet and Open Heart bracelet
All jewelry by Alexa Leigh are so pretty. All of you ladies will fall for her rings, bracelets and necklaces.
A note about the bracelets: you can wear them as anklets! Each bracelet/anklet has a double chain which give a great look.
Then, there are those double pendant necklaces…

You can choose what pendant comes to front or back. Plus, if you wear a low-back dress or shirt…these necklaces are really great to wear. Having a pendant dangling down your back, no doubt it looks pretty.


alexa leigh jewelry - madeofjewelry


open closed heart Alexa Leigh - madeofjewelry
Open and Closed heart necklace


moon star necklace Alexa Leigh - madeofjewelryMoon and Open Star necklace



[All images via Alexa Leigh | Collage made by MoJ]