Blue Kyanite

nora miller blue ring - madeofjewelry
Today it’s all eyes on Nora Miller Jewelry. Which I love that’s been said on her website is this:
“Nora Miller Jewelry is not about the hype or the image, it’s about following the raw passion of whatever moves you. There are no rules or trends that we follow, and that in itself is our guideline.”
This is exactly what makes designer like Nora Miller special. They do and create what they love. It’s not for example because statement necklace are a trend that she would make that too.
No, she follow her heart and passion. I do applaud this.
Now writing this and stuff, I was about to show you her Blue Kyanite ring. Why that?
The color and shape of the ring caught all my attention.
But …
I als do love her bangles and many other pieces such as the Dainty Hammered bangle, Black Spinel stacking ring, Silver Spike necklace, etc.
You should take a Nora Miller at all her jewelry by yourself.
nora miller blue kyanite - madofjewelry

nora miller bangles - madeofjewelry
These I love too
The Dainty Hammered bangle and Braided cuff.



[All images via Nora Miller]