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Let’s put our hands up in the air and cheer out loud! Why that? Just beacuse, no reason. Let’s do crazy from time to time.
So, what I wanted to put in the picture today is K/LLER COLLECTION. designers Katie Deguzman and Michael Miller create rad jewelry pieces.
I repeat, they create RAD jewelry pieces. These two designer are a great combo.
And here is their Quill Matchstick cuff.

There are so many pieces I love and which should each be featured here. So a little collage of some other pieces is something I had to add.

kller collection matchstick quill cuff - madeofjewelry
Quil Matchstick cuff available in:
brass and rose gold


kller collection jewelry - madeofjewelry
Crossed Bras Quill necklace | Bisected Distressed leather ring necklace| Claw Link earrings
Pyramid Box Chain thin bangle | Stoned Spike Stud earrings | Quadruple V ring | Mirrored Crystal ring



[All images via K/LLER COLLECTION | Collages made by MoJ]