gillian steinhardt celestial - madeofjewelry
The Celestial collection by Gilliab Steinhardt is to die for.
It all looks so dreamy and beautiful. There are so many amazing pieces that it was hard for me to pick just one so I choose to feature this very eye-cathing earring, the brass Celestial earring.
Because like I said, it is very eye catching.

Ain’t the shapes looking fabulous?
Other pieces I absolutely adore of this collection are the Celestial cuff (love, love!), Large Origami Trophy necklace, Celestial stud and ast but not least: the Origami earring.
And to add a ring to all this (I am a ring enthusiast for some reason, right?) the beautiful Trophy ring. I can totally imagine myself wearing this on my middle finger.
This all just to name a few other fabulous pieces.
gillian steinhardt celestial1 - madeofjewelry



[All images via Gilliab Steinhardt | Collages made by MoJ]