Love Hearts

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Today is for me a special day. It kind of is in a way like Valentine’s day but this is actualy a day which I only share with the most important of the world: my other half. My lover. My partner. My man. My Soulmate.
We celebrate our second anniversary because even if he and I are ‘us’ since two years, it definitely means something.
Just like for anybody else, at every beginning of a relationship we think he/she is the one. And after two years I still do think he is the one.

Before him I didn’t believe and cared about all those clichés that comes with ‘love’ and ‘loving’. This all has changed.
I couldn’t do anything more cliché than this post for example. I always had the thought of never marrying someone, which now I totally changed my mind about. I would never have thought one person could love another person this much, and I still cannot believe it but I am living it.
Love is a verb as they say and this is indeed true. Working on it every day although it goes without effort. I hope this love will last forever.
So this was I wanted to share with y’all today. March 11th, which always be a special day to me. Because I want to believe love is forever.

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