Baby Bar

loren stewart jewelry - madeofjewelry
Loren Stewart jewelry…where to start with? I can already tell I LOVE Rachel Loren’s pieces.
That’s why, while searching for a jewelry piece to feature today, I skipped the rings. If you are a daily follower of my blog and on Instagram, than you know I adore rings. So it wouldn’t be fair if I looked at the rings. Okay…I just did and I sighed. The bracelets are pretty much, well yes, they are pretty.
But let’s focus on todays piece before I change my mind and feature every single piece…

The Baby Bar 1 Diamond Hand bracelet. I love dainty jewelry and this is simply one more piece to adore.
A very ladylike and stylish handpiece. And with a lovely little detail, a diamond. Just one.
loren stewart baby bar hand bracelet - madeofjewelry



[All images via The Dreslyn and Loren Stewart]