Young In The Mountains

I don’t know exactly when I came across Young In The Mountains but it was somewhere last year. I instantly adored Mariele Ivy’s aesthetic and the materials she used. Which is 100% American mined stone inlay, conflict-free diamonds and of course recycled metals. That being said, I was lovestruck. I haven’t ever seen anything like her designs which are edgy, refreshing and so damn unique too.
Mariela began on her own, a one-woman-show, doing everrrrything by herself. This last year she hired her very first ever studio assistant, Hannah, and now almost a year later they are working together side by side! The YITM-teams keeps on growing, which currently also includes Operations Manager Hana,  diamond setter Amanda,  sales rep Tina and jewelry photographer Danielle. “I always wanted to be part of a creative business larger than just my hands and my ideas. It’s why this entire endeavor is called YOUNG IN THE MOUNTAINS and not “Mariele Ivy Designs.” ” tells Mariele.
Mariele’s creations are very unique and I am personally really in love with her’s signature style, which also means I have to add one of her rings to my evergrowing #mojwishlist. A girl can never have enough rings right?

As for now, here are some of her incredible creations and a video of her design process for you to enjoy (More to come on her work, herself, etc in the near future! So stay tuned!).


The Star Dusted Helena Solitaire ring set

The desert is a constant source of renewal and inspiration for Mariele. She studied silversmithing in northern Mexico and lapidary at Ghost Ranch in the American Southwest. You definitely can see this influence in her jewelry. Looking at her jewelry you can sense nature. The colors remind you of rivers and mountains. They also happen to have this ‘chill’-vibe. With this I mean they make you feel more relaxed and carefree, zen in a way. Mystical too and free. Nature is captivating and so are every one of her creations.

Can you resist these gorgeous rings?

Besides her unique rings, Mariele also creates beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets:




All images via YITM, Video thanks to Mariele | Collage and edits by MoJ