Yasmin Everley

yasmin everley vamp - madeofjewelry
Designer Yasmin Everley wearing the ‘VAMP’ knuckleduster


Yasmin Everley, a young British designer, has created a new collection a few months ago which is named Art Deco Typography Collection.
Yasmine on the ‘Art Deco Typography’ collection:

The idea behind this collection is to take inspiration from Art Deco design and 1920s culture but in a completely different way from the reproductions of original Deco jewellery or the flapper girl motifs that I have seen before. Instead I looked at 20s’ New York architecture and interior design. Rather than focusing on the guests at Gatsby’s party I was more interested in the house! And that the moment it is almost impossible to escape the 90s nostalgia so in this knuckleduster I have clashed Jazz Age slang (girls bobbed their hair and strove to become a society ‘vampire’ – much cooler than an It-girl) with 90s street styles.

I say I like this. Myself, having studied architecture/interior design and fashion through the years, I completely get Yasmin’s idea of the Art Deco and 1920s culture (Also called, the Roaring 20s).
It’s a great idea of hers to get inspired by this period for her collection. And I tell you, Yasmin Everley is a designer to keep an eye on!
vamp yasmin everley - madeofjewelry
The ‘VAMP’ knuckleduster
You clearly can see the Art Deco-style in here.


Another great idea of Yasmin, is not to use  conventional models but artists…The Lake Twins, Phoebe and Lydia Lake . Plus, as you can see on the pictures below, they perfectly match with the ‘Art Deco Typography’ collection.
yasmin everley lake twins - madeofjewelry

You can buy this collection online soon!

[All images via Yasmin Everley and Instagram with help by Yasmine herself | Collages by MoJ]