photo Vanessa-Lianne-rings-madeofjewelry_zpsrv9veirw.jpgInstgram is such a great platform for everyone. Designer share their latest creations or things they are up to.
That’s how I came across Vanessa Lianne‘s WTF signet ring a little while ago. I was instantly lovestruck with this stylish ring and its badass engraving. This pinky signet ring is definitely a musthave.

 photo Vanessa-Lianne-WTF-ring-madeofjewelry_zpsolhr07p2.jpg
Vanessa on her WTF signet:

I have always liked signet rings. I spent some time living in England years ago and signet pinky rings are common there. I was enthralled by how elegant and bold these rings looked on women. They have a subtle masculinity that look particularly strong and sexy when being worn by a woman.

I had been thinking about designing my own signet ring for a while. I wanted it to be extremely comfortable and easy to wear everyday. Signet rings are most commonly round or oval shaped but I designed one with harder edges for a more modern look.
 photo Vanessa-Lianne-signet-rings-madeofjewelry_zps41b341js.jpg
I have worked with a master hand engraver in the diamond district in New York City for many years and his work is incredible. I wanted to highlight the old world craftsmanship, as it is becoming a dying art with designers moving towards machine engraving. The original idea for the signet ring was to have it be customized by customers, who could personalize their own ring with or without pave diamonds and with any three letters of their choice. – their initials or the initials of a new baby or loved one.

 photo Vanessa-Lianne-golden-rings-madeofjewelry_zpssjosehtx.jpg
The ‘WTF’ signet ring was a sample signet ring that I made for myself. I wanted to highlight the beautiful engraving but I also wanted something more fun and edgy than my initials. ‘WTF’ feels playful, modern and edgy which perfectly contrasts the classic design. As a small business entrepreneur ‘WTF’ is also something I find myself saying all the time!

It was originally just supposed to be for me but it turns out, customers prefer those three letters over customizing.
 photo Vanessa-Lianne-jewelry-madeofjewelry_zpsyfmgn9vp.jpg
The ‘WTF’ signet ring and the newly released ‘FML’ signet ring have become one of my most popular rings. With orders coming in before they even officially launched. I still have many customers who prefer to order the signet ring with customized letters, but to my surprise and delight we are selling a lot of WTF signet rings. So clearly I am not alone.

Look out for them on the next season of UNREAL T.V.!





[All images thanks to Vanessa Lianne]