Vradin Jewelry

The lovely jewelry Toronto-based designer Efrat recently launched a new fine jewelry line and site called Vradin and here I am to introduce it to you.
The line is designed for women who appreciate unique delicate aesthetics, and wish to create something special and custom made to symbolize their journey and love. Gotta love love right?!
Every single piece has this romantic and delicate feel about it with a classic touch to it and also sublte details. It’s hard not to like Efrat’s designs, at least I do!
Beside her fine jewelry line, you can reach out to Efrat here to create a custom piece. It’s very easy as you first have to fill some kind of form so she gets an idea of what your looking for.

Efrat is personally involved throughout the process of crafting each jewelry piece. This includes the design, development, and carefully handpicking the gems.

She draws her inspiration from the arts, nature and the aesthetics of everyday life. Efrat is dedicated to providing unique styles of fine jewelry that will stand the test of time and be treasured for years and years to come.
Her creations are definitely future heirloom pieces!

Vau set : Vau ring + Crown ring

Reflection Set : Reflection ring + Eclat band


All images thanks to Vradin | collage and edits by MoJ