Tatouage Choker

 photo Anissa-Kermiche-tatouage-chocker-madeofjewelry_zpsmgwisxjq.jpg

How could I not start this Choker themed month with the blinged out version of the 90’s stretch chokers. Nostalgia!!!
I had one, a few bracelets and a ring. Even a choker with a few blue beads. Oh my…time flies so fast!
Anissa Kermiche‘s Tatouage Choker is such a great flashback…but way better now and very stylish! Definitely a choker you can wear on a classy black dress but even with a casual outfit for daytime pleasure.

 photo Anissa-Kermiche-tatouagechocker-madeofjewelry_zpsrb5pkol9.jpg

I asked Anissa about the choker:
“The plastic tattoo choker from the 90’s clearly inspired the tatouage collection. I used to own a plastic tattoo choker, and have always loved wearing it on any occasion but it was frustrating to not be able to wear it for fancy parties / weddings… I tried and got mocked 🙂 So I decided to design a hyper luxurious and complex version that follows the shape of the neck. It took 9 months of CAD design and 7 different 3D printed models. It has got 1422 diamonds and I don’t regret all the tears I have dropped (about 1422 as well) to make it look perfect.” – As told by Anissa to MoJ

It was definitly worth all the time, sweat and tears!
 photo Anissa-Kermiche-tatouage-chocke-ss16r-madeofjewelry_zpssrxvxzzk.jpg



[All images thanks to Anissa Kermiche]