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 photo Era-jewelry-chain-bracelets-madeofjewelry_zpsk8hwrswr.jpg
Last year I introduced Rochelle Gordon’s fabulous line Era Jewelry on the blog, on which I have a crush on…like really, really, really hard! I love their aesthetic.
Today I am putting the Chain bangles in the picture, simply because these are damn hot! These bangles are fine jewelry at its best. You can wear the different styles together or seperatly but they’ll ALWAYS look good, wether it’s day- or nightime.
The perfect little sparkle addition for your wrist. Chain bangles are good for you!

 photo era-jewelry-chains-madeofjewelry_zpsap2spd95.jpg

 photo era-jewelry-square-links-madeofjewelry_zpsexzjrml7.jpgSquare Link bangles with blue and pink sapphires and Champagne diamonds. All bangles are available in Yellow and Rose gold.

 photo era-jewelry-chained-bangles-madeofjewelry_zpsqqxv4rnm.jpgArrow Link bangle and Chained bangle, both with .82 carats white diamonds.

 photo era-tourmaline-bangles-madeofjewelry_zpsvrlcxjrh.jpgArrow Tourmaline bangles (left and right), available in 14K Yellow Gold with green tourmaline and 14K Rose Gold with pink tourmaline and Tapered Tourmaline Chain bangle.


 photo Era-jewelry-chain-look-madeofjewelry_zps4bp9u0mo.jpgSo hot! Simply impeccable.



[All images thanks to Rochelle of Era Jewelry]