Signet Round Up

 photo Signet-round up-madeofjewelry_zpse6x6w95g.jpg
As there are so… so, so, so …many great signet rings out there, I thought to make this little round up.
Up to you now to look out for your favorite signet! There are so many different styles, shapes and all with different engravings, gemstone settings and much more.
I hope you have become a signet-lover just like me now and you’ll find your dream signet ring soon.


And here are a few signets for the vintage lovers:

 photo signet-vintage-madeofjewelry_zpsc0j84j09.jpgArt Deco Signet Engraved E.L. via The Eden Collective | Serpent Intaglio Signet ring via Vulpecula Jewelry | Shield/Family Crest Signet ring via LeolaRevives



[All images as mentioned in the links above |Selection and collages via MoJ]