Sunny Flowers

dannijo jewelry - madeofjewelry


Autumn is here, winter is coming up but let’s keep a bit summer with us.
Flowers and a bright color. What else is better than this combo?
The fabulous designers of DanniJo, Danni and Jo Snyder, create fancy and girly statement pieces. Every single piece is one you just cannot not love. Especially their necklaces are stunners!
Just as these lovely flowers. All stunning pieces. Bright and joyful.

So when having a melancholic, sad or mournful day then you must wear something like those jewelry pieces to make you more vivid with good feelings and to cheer you up!


DanniJo flowers - madeofjewelry
Dahlia necklace | Cher earrings | Sunny rings


[All images via DanniJo | Collage made by MoJ]