Stefanie Sheehan : Teary Eye

Like I told I my previous post, I’m into earrings these days. Earrings from all sizes and shapes. I’ve found myself playing with them, mixing and matching all kind of types but also metals. From silver to rose gold and gold vermeil.
It’s just fun to do as you like. No rules. Just go with the flow. I really suggest you to do the same or at least try. Seriously, you gotta give it a try! Earrings aren’t just meant to be worn in a specific hole. Not the first, not the second, etc… Be unconventional! I love it! Well, minimal unconventional but as you’ll see below, I’m working on it!
In todays blog post I’m enjoying the pretty new Teary Eye earrings by Stefanie Sheehan.

stefanie-sheehan-eargame-teary earrings-madeofjewelry
To me, the perfect size and shapes and the tear make it look more playful too. I also love to wear them together on the same ear. Minimal unconventional! 😉
stefanie-sheehan-teary-eyes-combo-madeofjewelryHere are some ways I love to wear the Teary Eye, like told above, I love to mix and match. It’s all about having fun!


Another piece from Stefanie which I adore is the Compass Star ring. This one is set with a blue sapphire which is my birthstone. I love to wear it on it’s own as pictured below. It just feels right that way to me. This hand, that finger…I simply loe it this way.

All images by MoJ
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