Sarah & Sebastian Jewellery : Tidal

tidal-earrings-sarah-sebastian-madeofjewelryLately, I’ve given larger earrings a chance. As you might know (or not) I’m more a stud-kinda girl or at least I usually wear small earpieces. But sometimes a girl has to extend her comfort zone right?
Anyways, in this post, I’m wearing Sarah & Sebastian‘s Tidal earrings, from their new Tidal Collection. They’re very organic and flowy plus they’re lightweight, which is always a plus.


Sarah Gittoes, creative director, about her love of deep-sea diving which is the inspiration behind the Tidal collection: “I like the feeling of being submerged underwater. Whilst diving, one can calmly observe details like refracting light through the ocean’s surface or the magnificent textures of marine life.”


[All images by MoJ | Jewelry: Sarah & Sebastian – Charlie & Marcelle – Jacquie Aiche – La Kaiser – Gardens of the Sun – Aardvark Jewellery]