Shay Jewelry : Sparkling Buckles


My newest obsession in Shay Jewelry‘s new Mixed Diamond Buckle pinky ring! It’s not available yet but it was love at first sight.
Tania, one-half of the Shay-duo (which a mom-daughter duo btw) was so kind to provide these drool-worthy imageries of the new pinky ring. Ain’t you just want to have it too?
I personally love pinky rings but this is one is one of the best I’ve ever seen. A fabulous defined design with pretty shapes and the perfect amount of diamonds. It is SUPERB!
In the meantime, while we wait for this beauty to be available for purchase, I’ve selected another Buckle ring which you might like as well. It’s a bit bolder but darn good, too!


Told you it is a bolder one! It’s the Mixed Diamond Buckle ring. Pavé and baguette diamonds…can’t get enough of sparkles!


Both rings are simply fascinating!

[Photos thanks to Tania of Shay Jewelry]