Diamonds & Dessert : Essentials

I’m super delighted to show off Diamonds & Desserts‘ new collection. I’ve liked D&D since the very beginning. Their name by itself already appealed me right away as I LOVE diamonds, obviously, and desserts as I’m a sweet tooth. I’m a huuuge sweet tooth.
I perhaps eat too much sugar on a daily basis…but we’re not here to talk about my food intake.
D&D‘s Essential collection is launching today so let me first introduce you to the designers and founders Sean and Daniel, the masterminds behind the delicious brand, and on how it all began.

diamondsanddesserts-rings-madeofjewelryDaniel & Sean met each other while studying abroad in London. Randomly being assigned as roommates, they quickly discovered their parents, both in the industry, have been working together for years. Such a coincidence right?!!
“After many pow wows we always circled back to the same subject, trying to change how the centuries-old industry produces jewelry. After college we took our ideas and passion and moved to San Diego to become certified graduate gemologists and got additional degrees in CAD design, 3D printing, and jewelry manufacturing. We finished school and moved back to Los Angeles to take over our parents respected businesses in the the cutting and distribution of gemstones & diamonds. With our connections and knowledge of design and modern jewelry production, we started a manufacturing business, in which we were able to streamline productions for large high-end jewelry brands in Los Angeles. By utilizing new 3D printing and design technology, we were able to expedite the jewelry making process while also creating it for a fraction of the price, allowing Los Angeles brands to compete with companies producing overseas.” tells Sean.


“At first the idea for Diamonds & Desserts was to be an informational blog about luxury jewelry but slowly it developed into a product itself. We made a spin-off of the blog and countless of custom pieces for friends and family later, we finally worked up the courage to create a deliciously different approach to the high-end jewelry market. We created a core of four genres made from 14k gold accented with genuine diamond, sapphire, and emeralds. We didn’t want to create the everyday heart plates and bar necklace pieces you see, our goal was to bring back the fun and energy to high-end jewelry so we added our own sweet yet chic style which became Diamonds & Desserts.”- as told by Sean.


After creating the character and tone of their brand, I personally adore the Donut ring FYI, they’re now expanding their designs and launching our Essentials line.
Sean explains: “It focuses on the minimal trend and at a lower price point than other brands can provide, while still staying true to our original values of quality and meticulously crafted jewelry. We refuse to set precious stones in semi-precious metals (silver, copper.. etc) All of our pieces will be made from solid gold and genuine diamonds – no gold plating because we aren’t ones to sugarcoat jewelry.”






All images thanks to Diamonds & Desserts