Sofia Zakia necklace obsession


Know the feeling when you fall in love with something but then there is this stage you’re becoming obsessed with it? I have this thing going on with quite a few jewelry pieces and designers such as Sofia Zakia’s necklaces right now. So, I was thinking to share these necklaces with you and I hope you’ll become as obsessed with them as I am!

sofia-zakia-worry-doll-necklaces-madeofjewelryWorry Doll necklaces

My so-called obsessions:

My first necklace ‘obsession’ was Sofia’s Celestial Rose necklace – I have a rose tattooed on my wrist but if I hadn’t it I’d probably have this pendant tattooed instead! – but then came the Worry Dolls and soon after the Tarot Card necklaces. So yes, I have a thing going on right now with these.
When it comes to the Tarot Cards, I have three favorites which are the Star Tarot CardMoon Tarot Card and the Three of Swords Tarot Card. They’re not only pretty to look are but also their meaning are just as good.
The Worry Dolls are quite fun. The Ajpu Worry Doll is my fav of them all because he symbolically brings strength and would be your guardian and protector. Plus, I love the rainbow gemstones as well.

Beside these three styles there are two more necklaces/pendants which are really damn cute! The Cygnus necklace : two swans and a baby swan are engraved as you can see above and it is too adorable. A cute little family.
The Celestial Rose necklace: again, I just love roses (and their meaning: love) and it’s a stunning piece as you can see. Both necklaces look so magical and I love this feel they have thanks to the little diamonds which give that extra sparkle to it.

sofiazakia_jewelry-madeofjewelryFeel free to comment below on which are your favorite pieces from Sofia Zakia!



All images via Sofia Zakia | Collages by MoJ