Sofia Zakia : UFO

As soon I laid my eyes on this ring, I simply couldn’t forget about it.
This ring is not only beautiful by design, but it also does stand out because of its moving disk (view below). And it is set with 40 (!) diamonds. Well, 41 if you include the beautiful center diamond. It’s such a unique design and also refreshing to me.
Yes, ladies, this ring by Sofia Zakia really is special in every single way. It is called the Urobone Queen UFO ring. And yup, you got it right… UFO as in well, UFO.
This spinning ring replicates an alien spacecraft with its disc-like shape and shining lights. The top pieces are structured so that they spin when gently turned on the wearer’s finger, just like a UFO in the sky.
The Urobone Queen UFO ring is exquisite!

Drooling yet? I am!

And for the opal lovers…

… the Urobone Princess ring!

Told you it spins! Both UFO rings are THAT special!

MORE styles available here.


Founded in 2015 under the name Morphē Jewellery is now going through as Sofia Zakia.




[Huge thanks to Sofia, designer of mystical Sofia Zakia,  for all the images | Collage by MoJ]