Rock It

Amy Robson jewellery Rock rings - madeofjewelry
I loveย Amy Robson‘sย Three Decades rings,ย Leo’s Stud for his ladyย and herย Rock ringsย as pictured above.
To some of you, these rings might ring a bell. Wondering why maybe?
Well, Kristen Stewart wore them last year, somewhere mid 2012. But that’s not the reason why I like them.
The Rock rings just look good. That’s all I can say and this is worth enough to be featured on here today.
I hope you share my thoughts and like them too. They have something kickass.


kristen stewart rock rings - madeofjewelry

KS h2bu rings stewilicious - madeofjewelry

amy robson rock rings silever - madeofjewelry
The Rock rings are also available in Oxidised Silver



[All images via Amy Robson, Stewilicious, Twilight in Polishย andย Just Jaredย | Collage made by MoJ]