Tusk Bracelet

Gabriela Artigas Tusk cuff - madeofjewelry


Gabriela Artigas creates beautiful and fine jewelry pieces. But today, let’s focus on the Tusk bracelet from The Tusk Collection.
You might, by now, know Nicole Richie wore the Tusk ring for the Byrdie editorial. but like I said, all eyes on the Tusk bracelet. Because it looks good!
It has the perfect size to me. It shouldn’t have been larger or smaller. The bracelet is perfect as it is.
Perfect to be worn as an everyday jewelry piece. And I guess it suits with everything. From a summer holiday dress to your work outfit or to be worn as eye-catching piece on a night out.
So, when and where would you wear it and with what?

Gabriela Artigas Tusck bracelet - madeofjewelry

Gabriela Artigas Tusck bracelet gold - madeofjewelry
The Tusk bracelet is available in Yellow, Rose, and Sterling Silver.



[All images via Gabriela Artigas]