Rare Beauties


I was very thrilled to announce to you the partnership between KAT FLORENCE and Sarah Jessica Parker (read more about it here) a few days ago. Now I am very excited to show some of the pieces.
The uniqueness and one of a kind beauty of KAT FLORENCE’s gemstone designs are enhanced by the most talented and inspiring Sarah Jessica Parker flawlessly! A match made in heaven for sure. And all impressive as what we can expect from Kat!
Each piece is unique, not only because of the rare gemstones but also because of their designs. Each piece is exquisitely beautiful. Each piece is extraordinaire and even beyond.
Take a closer look and discover some of these creations below.

Dark and alluring, set in over 103 grams of 18 karat white gold, this elegant and unique necklace features a stunning combination of contrasting black and white diamonds.
129.74 carats of inky black diamonds are complemented by 15.68 carats of intricately set white diamond teardrops to create the perfect balance of light and dark.


This exquisite necklace features a truly magnificent 423.55 carat royal velvet blue Tanzanite gemstone, called the Namunyak Tanzanite.

An extraordinary and captivating stone (image below), exotic Tanzanite is highly sought after and coveted for its intense velvet blues, rich royal purples and flashes of red.

Tanzanite is found in only one place on earth, in the Melelani Hill in Tanzania. It’s believed that Tanzanite was formed 500 million years ago from the volcanic activity of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Weighing over 1000 carats in its rough form, this legendary piece was discovered over 30 years go by the Maasai warriors and was finally tracked down in Tanzania two years ago. Discovery documenting the journey to the stone.

With its deep and vibrant royal blue, the flawless and captivating Namunyak Tanzanite is one of the finest and largest examples of Tanzanite ever discovered.

Benefitting from a beautiful precision diamond cut, this magical stone is set in an intricate five-strand necklace made from over 208 grams of 18-karat white gold and 57 carats of diamonds.

With an estimated 10 years left before the mine is depleted, it seems certain that this incredible piece will remain unparalleled.



 This majestic ring is made with one of the largest Tsavorite gemstones ever discovered.
A masterfully crafted 18 karat white gold ring with an elegant pattern of encrusted diamonds, the centrepiece is an astounding 51.73 carat flawless green Kenyan Tsavorite.
The tsavorite was discovered from one of the original Kenyan mines in July 2015.


The 18 karat white gold ring, set with a wide band of diamonds, features exquisite detailing and a magnificent 5.12 carat unheated red ruby as its centrepiece.
This rare and beautiful example, from the recently discovered Montepuez Deposit in Mozambique, is of such high quality that it has been left untreated.



Have you ever seen a stone color like this before? It’s beyond magnificent!
This beauty is a unique ring of 18 karat yellow gold, delicately encrusted with diamonds, the centrepiece is an extraordinary 35.63 carat Russian Sphene.
Sphene is renowned for its exceptionally high dispersion and trichroism, resulting in gemstones with brilliant fire that glow green, yellow, orange and brown.
This particular example comes from Russia, famous for the best chrome green Sphene. Finished in an expert diamond cut, it’s a deep saturated green with mesmerising flashes of orange and brown.
With flawless examples over 10 carats very rare, this exceptional Russian Sphene is one of the finest examples ever seen and a brilliant adornment for a majestic ring.



Kat’s breathtaking world record Zultanite necklace; the incomparable necklace features the Sultan’s Leaf, a flawless 100 carat Zultanite gemstone that is the largest ever known to exist.
Often referred to as the chameleon gemstone, Zultanite has the exceptional ability to change colors in different light, from canary yellows to kiwi greens, cognac pinks and rich champagnes.
For this once in a lifetime jewel, designer Kat Florence travelled to the only known source of Zultanite in the world, a 300-meter vein in the Anatolian mountains in Turkey.
One of nature’s rarest minerals, it is extremely difficult to produce unblemished Zultanite gemstones over 1 carat in size. This truly incredible find came from an original stone of well over 1 kilogram.


[All info and images thanks to KAT FLORENCE]