Kat Florence x Sarah Jessica Parker

Designer Kat Florence is known for her one of a kind creations which are ultimate perfection and made with an extraordinare craftmanship. She uses exquistite colored gemstones such as Kashmir Sapphires, Colombian Emeralds, Pink Diamonds or Paraiba Tourmalines, which can hardly or no longer be found in such quality today and which are deemed true rarities.
Kristy (which is her actaul name) has recently announced her partnership with Sarah Jessica Parker. It turned out magnificent (post on some pieces coming soon!).
It is a five-year partnership with Sarah Jessica Parker who is also the face of a glamorous new campaign. The shoot took place in the Metro Daylight studio in New York. Wearing a couture gown, Sarah Jessica Parker posed for renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh.

The images effortlessly capture Mrs. Parker’s timeless elegance and style.
“Kat Florence pieces fully express emotion, excellence and brilliance through design, craftsmanship and rarity. Partnering with Sarah Jessica Parker expands that emotion even further. Sarah is naturally drawn to authentic beauty and she has a unique expression rarely seen this day in age. She stands alone beautifully, timeless and authentic. These qualities harmoniously narrate Kat Florence. Together we will create pieces and collections worthy to celebrate each individual’s identity.“, says Kristy (KAT) Florence, President and Design Director of Kat Florence Jewelry.
Together, Peter Lindbergh and Sarah Jessica Parker capture the femininity and exclusivity of the brand’s style beautifully. Dressed head-to-toe in Kat Florence jewelry, the actress also appears in a “Behind the Scenes” video (see below) that reveals the connection between her and the famous photographer, having worked together previously.

“Every Kat Florence piece is treated as an individual piece of art. She commits continuous attention and study to the perfection and balance of each piece until satisfied. It is this lovely expression narrating a feeling of balance and proportions that attracted me to this partnership. These timeless pieces that are created with natural and rare gemstones with intentions to live forever express love or momentous occasions“. says Sarah Jessica Parker.

“Working with Sarah Jessica always means fun days shooting… Now to work with her and Kat, a young, very talented and passionate designer, is litterally working with two gems“! -Peter Lindbergh.

About the partnership
Sarah Jessica Parker with her discerning eye for style and design has now partnered with high-end luxury jewelry designer KAT FLORENCE. The duo plans to release one-of-a-kind fine quality natural gemstones such as Brazilian Paraiba Tourmalines, Colombian Emeralds and the finest Flawless D Color Diamonds. Collections will be made available internationally promoting a harmony of structure, rarity and design.

[All images thanks to Kat Florence | Photography by Peter Lindbergh]