Excuse me guys for this but it annoys me like a lot.
Ever since I started this blog, about 4years ago, I used Photobucket for my images.
Well now this stinks. All was good until a day or two. Even with all the ads it was a decent service. But now…now I cannot even share photos to my blog without paying. Not that I don’t want to pay. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just, they had this free plan, which I only have used not even half of its space so far and now without notifying people through their accounts or via email they have changed their terms. They have one option if you want to do image sharing, pay $399,99 per year. Per year! Just like that!
And that’s not all…all my images have been replaced. 4 years of blogging are gone. They could at least have kept them the way they were.
So, sorry to all of you if you no longer can see the actual images and jewelry.
In the meantime I have a new solution for future blog post but as when it comes to the past ones…

photobucket bad service The images have been replaced by this…
“3rd party hosting”: to display an image from a hosting account on another website such as a forum, Etsy, eBay auction listings, blog, etc. is 3rd party hosting.

photobucket sucksThe usage I still have left…

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