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You might know mason grace jewelry, but I’ll help in case you don’t. 😉
Below I selected  few rings which I personally really like, obviously. As designer Cybil told me, I indeed picked a little bit of everything.
“I feel that we are all a little of everything even when we may gravitate towards one style more often we all have that part of our personality sometimes.” – Cybil

mason grace jewelry Charlott Ring madeofjewelry

This is a classic, I recently did a twist of this ring but with tourmalines and love how it turned out. For this one here I love the shades of blue and playing with color.


mason grace jewelry eye love u madeofjewelry

Eye Love U
Ahhh I love this piece its such a fun and whimsical piece…I enjoy creating the unexpected and being able to communicate through jewelry. This piece is for the girl who doesn’t take herself that seriously.


mason grace ophelia ring madeofjewelry

This special one of a kind piece awaits it’s owner. I feel that each one of a kind ring is created for someone special and the timing is just right when the connection is made. The combination of the vintage old world design with the stone is the perfect balance of antique inspired with a twist by using the rustic diamond.


Cybil on her inspirations:
“What inspires me in creating all these pieces is trying to design something different. I am constantly doodling different ring or earring designs…and thinking of shapes and color combinations. I am a very visual person so if you find me closing my eyes as you describe something it’s because I am trying to see it. Truth be told I am really an earring person, but somehow I got caught up with rings and have managed to also fall in love with them. I am constantly creating new pieces I need to slow down so I can share with you what I already have created. If I had to describe my aesthetics I would say it is dainty and edgy. Sometimes I think my jewelry has multiple personalities…just like the selection above – you have got the classic gal, the gal who doesn’t take herself too seriously and the cool girl who is just so unique and special well the Ophelia is the epitome of who she is.”

I couldn’t agree more with her on the last part. I have discovered over the years I’m a classic person with a love for dainty jewels but then again I like to step out of jewelry-comfort zone (if that’s even a thing) and wear things differently or which I’d never thought to wear 5 years ago. For example, when it comes to earrings I’m a stud kinda girl but these days I like to experiment and try different styles or even mixing metals!
Another example is before I started this blog, I used to wear the same rings day and night…literally. Now I like to wear something different every other day. I’m a “a little of everything”. Depends on the day and moods too.
People grow in every way as do designers and I guess that’s what makes it exciting to follow up on people like Cybil who likes to experiment with new designs and pieces unseen before. Designers are people to look up to. They’re independent, strong, creative and so much more! Plus they create such divine jewelry. 😉

Okay, I’ll stop writing right here but don’t go just yet ’cause below are just a few more pretty pieces by mason grace jewelry for you to drool over.

Untitled design 9

[All images thanks to mason grace jewelry]