Opal Magic

You may know or not know (but you should so now you do!) Kristina of Charlie and Marcelle but she creates wonderful pieces has some rings I really adore. So I also had to ask her what her personal favorite piece is and what inspired her to create it:
“I was inspired by a piece I made for myself. It was a Vintage Opal pendant. It had a few diamonds and lots of gold surrounding it that I wasn’t crazy about. What stood out to me was the beauty of the Opal itself so I decided to do without all the fixin’s surrounding it and turn it into a Opal solitaire ring. It quickly became my favorite ring. I stacked it with other rings, I wore it alone, it was perfect! I would get so many complaints on it.
One day my former boss and mentor Nina Segal from Nina at Fred Segal asked me to remake this piece so I did and low and behold it is now my favorite ring from Charlie and Marcelle and my best selling ring!”
It’s a piece which tells a story.
And FYI, Opal goes with everything, from jewelry to clothing…so get yours now! Yhis ring is simple and timeless.

I am deeply in love with Kristina’s rings. Here are some more to drool about:




[All images via Charlie and Marcelle and Instagram]