Nothing But Colors

Autumn is here and Winter is just around the corner but this doesn’t mean we have to hide ourselves in dark toned clothing and such (nothing wrong with that though!)! Same with jewelry. Colors need to be worn at all times and don’t have to be season-related, which is actually something I should remind myself to more often as well. They aren’t just meant to be worn during Spring or Summer. Again, colors can and should be worn at all times.
A pop of color never hurts right?! They can even bring more joy to your life.

  1. Skyline ring by Cushla Whitening, featuring a peach Spinel
  2. Color Pop earrings by Meitalove, with multi-colored round cut Sapphires
  3. Pablo ring by Carole Le Bris Perez, with White Diamonds, Peridot and Rubies
  4. Oxygen Pyramid earrings by Robinson Pelham, set with blue Sapphires and green Tsavorites
  5. Cherry stud by Alison Lou, in enamel
  6. Signature Serpent pendant by Shelley Cavanaugh, in 18k gold & Rubellite
  7. Morganite & Diamond Baguette Shield ring by Penny Preville
  8. Venus earrings by HartVariations, framed with the day-flying Sunset Moth
  9.  Show Love earrings by Ruta Reifen, with white, red, orange and yellow Sapphires. Comes in Pink, Black and all-White too
  10. Enamel Cuffling by Marla Aaron, comes in various colors
  11. Multi Cadence necklace by Rosedale, featuring Opal, Emerald and pink Sapphire
  12. Aïka ring by Laurie Fleming Jewellery, set with Apatite. Comes with Moonstone, Emeralds and more options too
  13. Tsavorite & Aquamarine Teardrop earrings by Yi Collection
  14. Shield Charm earrings by May Came Home, with mother of pearl and red enamel
  15. Tri Iridescence ring by Sirciam, pink Tourmaline with pastel Sapphires and tiny Diamonds
  16. Art Deco ring by Yvonne Raley, with Ceylon sapphire, Burmese spinel and Mahenge Spinel
  17. Emerald ring by Elisabeth Bell Jewelry
  18. Crowned Tanzanite ring by Gardens of the Sun, featuring white and blue Diamonds
  19. Millegrain ring by Joke Quick, set with a brown diamond, hexagon cut Tourmaline, Amethyst and purple Diamonds
  20. Simple Hoop earrings by Dorette, with Diamond, Spinel and Emerald
  21. Istanbul necklace by Selim Mouzannar, with Emerald and Diamonds
  22. Ring of Fire by Bellaterra, with red, orange & yellow Sapphires
  23. Lucia ring by GiGi Ferranti, with rainbow Sapphires
  24. Paraïba Tourmaline ring by Lene Vibe, with blue-ish grey and white Diamonds
  25. Amelia Rainbow ring by My Story Fine Jewelry, with 7 baguettes in Ruby, Citrine, Peridot, Emerald, Sapphire, Blue Topaz and Amethyst
  26. Two Bezel Cluster studs by Leslie Page
  27. Tiara Classic ring by Mirri Damer, set with Rubies seen with the mini-eternity ring
  28. Oval Engagement ring by Lily Kamper, with a Pink Tourmaline center, flanked by Dark Blue Sapphires and Diamonds
  29. Aquamarine ring by Sue Lane, with pear shape aquamarine and diamond
  30. Saxony earrings by Jessica Biales, with blue enamel and Rubies
  31. Twist ring by Kristine Algreen, with a pink Saphire & little Ruby
  32. Sapphire Spiral Pinky ring by SheBee, with multi-color Sapphires
  33. Blue Aztec Rain necklace (available via Roseark) by Christina Magdolna, with green Amethyst and Tanzanite