Nayestones Jewellery : Signature Collection

Sensual, sophisticated and pure forms. That’s what Nayestones, a Belgian-based brand, is all about. Designer Natalie Schayes’ previous collection, Path of Life, shows this off very well with all the curls and curves used in each creation…just as much as her most recent Signature Collection. For this collection, Natalie went for a horizontal S, a symbol of infinity and correctness that wraps around the finger or the ear to create a statement piece. You might guess I love this collection because of the S-form right? Can’t ignore jewelry which looks like your initial, ha!
Anyways, back to the Signature Collection, this collection is on which is close to the body. Meaning that each piece wraps itself around the ear or the finger. You become one with each piece.
Natalie took inspiration of the infinity symbol, so you get where the S-line comes from.

Signature Topaz earringSignature Topaz ringSignature ring

Natalie has her very own design process where she first chooses a shape, the cavity and the curvature of the skin are studied, and then the airy lines of her jewels are inserted. With great care, the designer finds a balance between rounding and jewelry. Gemstones are then added in places that are unusual, such as between the fingers for example. These stones used in this collection are pear-shaped, round or octagonal cuts. The stones attach themselves to the cavity and the roundness of the body of each piece.
The collection offers a choice of light-colored amethysts from Brazil to white topaz of pink sapphires. The single or double rings are called “Bloom”, “Octagon” or “Curl”. These precious jewels come in 9K gold for the rings and silver plated.

Curl ringCurl ring with pink sapphires

Each jewelry piece of the Signature Collection is minimalistic and sensual yet feminine, which fits perfectly in this delicate but powerful universe, where femininity is celebrated in all its complexity and beauty. All of the jewelry is handmade in Antwerp workshops. You can view them by yourself at her showroom in Brussels.

White Topaz Bloom ring (Amethyst version here) –  Signature earring
Signature Pink Sapphire earringOctagon Amethyst ring (White Topaz version here)

Signature Bloom bracelet




All images and info thanks to Natalie of Nayestones