May Came Home : Crescent Moon

I’ve noticed since I’ve started blogging about 5 years ago things I like and love in jewelry has grown over the years. Just like Crescent Moon pendants. I like them in every design possible, from old (Victorian) to new, with gems or enameled like May Came Home‘s contemporary interpretation, the Reversible Crescent Moon pendant.
I like the aesthetics and colors of this piece. Besides the blue and black combo it also comes in red and orange.

Did you know the moon has eight phases and each of them has their very own meaning and/or symbolism?
The crescent moon is known for hopes and wishes. Which is just perfect for me because as many of you I do have hopes and wishes. Crescent moons in Victorian jewelry often represented spirituality and the glorification of the Feminine Moon Goddess. Whilst the stars were symbols of direction and guidance for the spirit. The crescent moon also embodies the specifically feminine power as back in the day feminine cycles were linked to the phases of the moon. So you see, it has plenty of meanings.
Anyway, remember the crescent moon symbolizes Feminine Power!

This pendant is reversible which makes it just as whimsical too. The back shows of five stars so you can wear it both ways. Why… if you can have the moon and stars?
Another thing or detail I like in here is the pendant’s bail! It is a custom-designed bail with 11 1mm faceted Onyx stones on the enamel side, plain on the reverse (the Star side).

The Crescent Moon pendant looks great paired with multiple necklaces (here as seen worn with Foundrae) or on its own.



Info via Wikipedia | Photo’s by MoJ