In case you follow me since a while, you might know I use my hashtag #neverenoughrings very often. I am such a sucker when it comes to rings, I can’t just help it. But I certainly don’t mind it at all! Also, in my opinion, a girl can truly never have or wear too many rings. There is no such thing. Simply wear what you’re comfortable with or the way you like it best, even if it’s just one piece or one on every finger.
So because of that, here is a little roundup with rings-only, for all you, my fellow ring lovers!


  1. Stargaze ring by Melanie Casey, set with a Center princess cut diamond and twelve round diamonds in 14k yellow gold (also available in rose gold)
  2. Mend ring by Susan Highsmith, featuring a conflict-free rose cut 6mm Diamond in 18 solid yellow gold
  3. Gray Star Sapphire Roz ring by Prounis, which is a one of a kind in 22k yellow gold
  4. Sapphire and Diamond Cluster ring by Mineralogy, a one of a kind set with a radiant cut bi-color sapphire, round and step cut square white diamonds in 14k recycled yellow gold. Also available through Etsy
  5. Large Mason ring by Olivia Ewing, featuring a pink sapphire in platinum. Also available in 14 and 18k gold
  6. Fancy Cut Pink Tourmaline ring by byAngeline, in 14k rose gold
  7. Rose Signet by Claus Jewelry, in 10k yellow gold. Also available in sterling silver
  8. Pavé Knot ring by Made Line Jewelry, in 14k recycled yellow gold
  9. Clara’s Dream ring by Sofia Zakia, with white Diamonds in 14k yellow gold
  10. Jessica ring by CvB Inspired, Also available via Etsy and available with different diamond center shapes. See them all here
  11. Mini Starry Sapphire ring by Hikaru Furuhashi, in 14k yellow gold
  12. Arcadia Diamond ring by Goldengrove Jewelry, comes with black enamel as well
  13. Whisper Pavé Coil ring by M.Monroe, with white diamonds in 18k rose gold
  14. Solarium ring by Spinelli Kilcollin x Goop, in silver and 14k yellow & rose gold
  15. Emerald Twist ring by Alice Wease, in 14k yellow gold. Available via WHITE bIRD Jewellery
  16. Monroe Pink Tourmaline ring by Sig Ward Jewelry, with peach and turquoise-hued enamel
  17. Triple Petal ring by Natalie Perry, with a rose-cut diamond
  18. Octagonal Bezel Diamond ring by Grace Lee, set with a hex rose-cut diamond in 14k gold



As pictured above, from my personal collection: Hera Signet ring by Marrow, Custom Sapphire ring by Bellaterra Jewelry and Yi Collection x Made of Jewelry Black Diamond & Pink Sapphire chain ring