Bleecker and Prince : Jungle of Wonderlands

Designer Leehe Segal of Bleecker and Prince, who lives and works in NYC and Tel Aviv, created her company a few years back. Bleecker and Prince, as you maybe might have guessed are named after New York streets Bleecker Street and Prince Street. Why you may wonder? Those streets have their very own aesthetic which exactly you can compare to  Leehe’s designs:
these streets never come together, neither geographically nor in character: Bleecker is a more kind of classic street with a lot of history and Prince is aesthetically more charismatic. Just like Leehe’s designs which have a clean classic style to them, but with an edge. Fine but bold jewelry.

As for today, I wanted to introduce to you some designs of hers which to me are now her signature creations, urban with a classic touch. They’re a part of the Jungle of Wonderland collection and I am a fan of these pieces since day one. Well I am also a lover everything she creates but anyway, I’m sure you’ll adore this collection as well!
Leehe wanted to create something a little different and was inspired mostly by geometry and minimalism, and things that compliment the body.

Myself I’m a fan of her Bubble rings. They are each so fabulous, in every color. The materials used go from green jasper, onyx, carnelian to gold and encrusted precious gemstones.

All of these pieces – rings, necklaces and earrings – which are part of Bleecker and Prince’s Jungle Of Wonderland can be described as colorful fine but bold jewelry. The earrings are just as fabulous too. I like the ones with the faceted style which also kind of reminds me of my solid gold faceted hoops I used to wear as a kid. The Forest Chameleon is my current personal favorite.
Anyways, these earrings are just as perfect for whatever your style may be.

This Crystal Sky Crane ring, similar available via Fivestory, is one of Leehe’s very first crystal designs. Carnelian version here.

All images and info via Bleecker & Prince | Photography by David Michael Burns | Collages by MoJ