Navneet Gems : a rare Ethically sourced gemstone & jewelry company

Experience at Navneet Gems and Minerals has been in the trade for 23 years. They’re an ethical source for Precious & Semi Precious Gemstones and Jewelery from Thailand since 1995. With their factory also located in Jaipur, they are able to cater to all the designers needs differently. From ethically mined aquamarine rough to small millee sized white topaz, they manufacture everything with care and trust. Some of the most recent designers I have been working with get their stones and jewelry manufactured from them.

Today I’m happy to show off this ethically sourced and manufactured stunning 92.50 silver ring, set with an oval peridot and which is also surrounded with naturally mined white topaz. They shine brighter than diamonds!

Marketing Manager (Navneet Agarwal) on the company’s vision:
“CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) has been our 2016 aim, its a very difficult process to implement, because of the political and environmental situations in the mining areas. However our company is trying to full fill our this year’s goals, but seems like it will be only finally implemented next year, in 2017. We cannot control this process as it’s a long and frustrating process, however we do maintain our conditions in our factories.”

Read more about what exactly they’re doing here: Ethical source of Wholesale Gemstones

At Navneet Gems, they want to be the De-Beers of colored gemstones by installing the Kimberly process (which tracks a stone from its origin and verifies that its sale is not supporting tyrannical regimes) in Colored Gemstones.

“I am a Graduate Gemologist from USA (Carlsbad campus) graduated in 2014 August. Yes, its taken me 2 years to start this process of Ethical gemstones. All stones are checked by me “one by one” for authentication before any shipment we give out to our customers so there are certified verbally as genuine stones, that’s the best we can do practically.” – tells Navneet.



[All images by MoJ]