Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers are unique and strong beings. They’re special, exceptional. Express your appreciation with a thoughtful gift or gesture. Give her a call. Write your mom a letter.
Anything. Let her know you appreciate her and that she is loved. Moms need to hear this more often. And if you’re the mom reading this, remember, you are loved too! So treat yourself to a special little (or big) something. Jewelry is always a good idea…

Celebrate the extraordinary women in your life with a gift that shines as brightly as they do.

  1. Mama necklace by Alice Pierre, this font though!
  2. engraveable Protector Evil Eye Heart charm by Scout Fine Jewelry, simply so precious.
  3. La Familia necklace by Established Jewelry, family is everything.
  4. Loving ring by Jane Taylor Jewelry, comes as a pendant too
  5. Seruni Diamond Eternity band by Alex Monroe, because all mom’s deserve flowers.
  6. short Louisa Matte Drop earrings by Blanca Monrós Gómez, with white and black diamonds. Long version here.
  7. Small Mila pendant by Joanna Dahdah, this specific one features ruby, diamonds and turquiose enamel. More Mila pendants is various options here or design your own.
  8. Diamond Horseshoe necklace by Auroro, because I’m sure all moms feel very lucky.
  9. Samskara Painted pendant by Noor Fares. With hand painted mother of pearl, carved roze quartz, garnet and diamonds.
  10. customizable Heart charm by Rokosz, a little symbol love and a celebration of family.
  11. Bon Bon Block ring by Nadine Ghosn, because most kiddos love to play with blocks.
  12. Pear Lock by Sophie Ratner, comes in other diamond shapes.
  13. Family Affair ring by Amedeo, nothing but love.
  14. Butterfly Mother pendant by Heavenly Vices. I picked out the rainbow gem version as that’s what my daughter would pick, her favorite “color”. This pieces comes in other styles, alsoplain or in all-diamonds or all-emeralds, too.
  15. custom Loverglyphs© ring by Dyne, each piece tells a unique story.