Jewel Lover : Jade Ruzzo

Let’s meet Jade Ruzzo. Jade is a New York-based jewelry designer and a mother to a 4.5 year old daughter, Gloria. She lives in the Hudson Valley of New York and operates her business from New York City. She studied at FIT and worked for a decade in fashion and personal styling. After having her daughter in 2019, she decided to turn her passion for jewelry into a business, with the intention of designing pieces she could pass down to her.
“My family is extremely important to me and is very much a source of inspiration for my work.”, says Jade
Jewelry is also very sentimental to Jade: “After losing my father nearly 10 years ago I searched for ways to hold him close to me and I found that through jewelry. “

“My percussion collection, specifically the cymbal pendants, are also very dear to me. My father, Vic, was a drummer his whole life and I designed the percussion collection in his honor. The cymbals, each hand hammered in finishing as if it’s been played in a drum set, have a special message “keeping the beat” engraved on the back. This was his tagline for his drum shop business and represents so much about the importance of the piece. A drum beat is so essential to any musical composition and these pendants sit near your heart reminding you to follow your heart, trust yourself and keep going.”
The one Jade is wearing in the picture above, is a Large Cymbal pendant. It features an Old Mine Cut diamond and brazilian rosewood.

“My large Vic ring in shades of green tourmaline holds a very special place in my heart. It’s one of the first pieces I designed for my collection and is inspired by a bracelet of my father’s that he passed down to me. I wear it literally everyday and it holds so much meaning. It reminds me of him and it marks a very important milestone in my life – when I decided to take the leap and start my brand. ” 

Thank you Jade for sharing about your most cherished and meaningful pieces.