Casa Cuellar

Cuellar Jewelry is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Julio and Marcella, the husband and wife duo, have rebranded in that honor. Let me re-introduce (see my first Cuellar post here) you to the new Casa Cuellar.

Julio started his craft ten years ago while Marcella has been a tattoo artist for some time (and still is). She later joined her husband and both of them form the Casa Cuellar team. Hence the brand’s name.
Along with the rebrand, they also introduced two new collections. Casa Cuellar is known for their custom creations and exquisite hand engravings but there was demand for a permanent collection of ready-to-wear pieces. Ready to buy online. As a result, they launched the Daily Collection and the Tres Oros.

The Daily collection includes the kind of pieces you can easily wear every day. Think “casual”. Although nothing is casual with Casa Cuellar. But I suppose you get what I mean.
The Tres Oros, on the other hand, speaks for itself: “Tres” means three, and “Oros” means gold in plural.
This collection draws inspiration from their 90’s childhood:
“It was a big thing to have three gold colors on your chains, rings, etc …We wanted to bring back the good memories and add our new version. We had always shown skulls on our engravings which is a part of our brand style. A couple of months back we came up with the idea of having the clasps in skull shape so it could also double as a charm, since it is pretty common that the claps end up at the front of your neck, so we wanted to put that to use! And that’s how it all came together.” – Julio about the Tres Oros collection. It currently includes two chains, the Big Tres Oros and the regular Tres Oros chain.

All images via Casa Cuellar – Edits by MoJ