Julio Cuellar : Custom Fine Jewelry

I’m super delighted to present to you a man after my own heart, Julio Cuellar. Julio is based in Vancouver, Canada and has Mexican roots. But seriously, his style and especially his engravings have stolen my heart. His jewelry has a unique ethnic kind of harmony. Get what I mean?
Each of his pieces is so well made and shows off his talented skill and his eye for details. And those details are what I’m always drawn to. Another amazing thing is that he makes jewelry for women and men. His style is versatile and is loveable whether you’re a man or woman and whatever your personal style is. Myself I’m already craving a floral kind of ring…

Besides his custom work, Julio also has a range of permanent pieces. Again, check out all those details of each piece!
Pendants: Da Snake and Butterfly, Da Spider and Web, Da Rose, Da Beach and Da Eye
Rings: Naja Signet ring, Sierra Signet ring and Pray For Me ring


Q&A with Julio on how he got started etc.:

Where comes your love for jewelry from?
Julio: I’ve been into style since a young age. I always paid attention to what people wore, shoes, hats but especially jewelry.
The first piece of jewelry I can remember was a thick gold Figaro style chain with an oval pendant with a crucifix that my dad used to wear. He passed it on to me when I turned 16.

Who is Julio Cuellar?
I’m a family man who would do anything for my family.
I’m also a curious person that likes observing people, I like to imagine why each person is wearing what they are wearing. I like traveling and experiencing other cultures and connecting with other humans, that is what gives me inspiration. I think also being a spontaneous person makes it easy to create, I don’t over think I just make, and I’m always making.

Where did you learn to make jewelry and engravings?
I learned the fundamentals of jewelry making from Ivan Thomas and the basic engraving techniques from Ray Hyder. I apprenticed under both at different times.
I also took a stone setting class once but most of my learning came from trying and making pieces.
I’ve been learning about making jewelry by practicing a lot. I was very lucky people liked my stuff since I started putting it out even when the pieces were very rough.

The Moon Light ring set with Grey Rose Cut Diamond 1.05ct on the center and White Diamonds.

Describe your aesthetic.
My aesthetic is a reflexion of my culture, background and personality.
There’s a lot of religious imagery, tattoo-style imagery and Mexican jewelry all mixed. I am personally attracted to classic and elegant looks as I grow older and my company grows with me, I want my style to evolve but keep its essence.

Stunning and dreamy Wild Thing ring,  hand-engraved in 14K gold set with Ruby and White diamonds

Every piece is high quality with perfect craftsmanship. Be sure to reach out to him for a custom piece. Whatever your ideas or requests are, I’m sure Julio can help them to be a reality.

One of his latest creations, a 14k gold and Onyx Engraved Rose pendant – here shown in a step-by-step process.

Left: Custom signet rings with Onyx engravings.
Right: Three views of the one of a kind Rio signet ring in 10k Gold with Sonoran turquoise & coral inlay,
hand engraving and set with a blue sapphire on each side.




All imagery thanks to Julio Cuellar | Collages by MoJ